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Content Authoring

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Content Authoring

Spotter enables anyone in your organization to author and edit content on their own, without knowledge of HTML or other Web skills.

Spotter Smart Edit Environment

Everyone in your organization is already familiar with navigating your Web site. Spotter understands this comfort level and offers an authoring and editing environment that is an exact replica of your live site. Authors and editors can create, edit, and update content wherever "edit icon" appear.

Expedite the Content Release Process

Spotter applies a fast and transparent review and release process to online content. In the browser, pre-selected authors are able to easily modify the areas, for which they have authorized access. All they need to do is to click a "edit icon" to modify text and images. The outcome is instantly displayed in preview mode and quality can be checked by correcting any errors.

Get Your Web Portal Up and Running, Fast and Cost-Effectively

With Spotter, training courses and expensive supplementary software are no longer necessary. A brief introduction is enough to get you started.

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