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Easy Navigation

Edit the navigation structure and areas with an intuitive structure that facilitates your website administration.
Spotter allows you to systematically and efficiently set up and expand navigation on complex projects. Using Spotter Fast Access Icons in the Back-End, you can keep track of your Web projects and make changes easily via the display in the browser.

Web Sites, Made Simple

Building a Web site, Intranet, or Extranet/Portal has never been simpler. Administrator Area intuitive simple structure facilitates project administration. Templates for a single page or for your entire site can be created and modified quickly and easily. New users are created with the authorization they require in just a few clicks.

Create Sites Map Automatically

Using an automatically generated site map, you can see for yourself that all of your project components are positioned correctly when the Web site is created. The site map enables you to ensure efficient navigation and identify and resolve duplications or dead-ends on your site. You can display and use the site map in HTML, XML, or XSL(T).

Provide Intuitive Navigation via "Breadcrumbs"

Site Manager automatically creates navigation paths so that visitors to your Web site will always know where they are. The breadcrumb trail is displayed on the upper left corner of our Web pages. There is no easier way to click through and find your way around Web sites when the system can automatically generate the navigation breadcrumbs for you.

Create Dynamic Navigation Menus Effortlessly

Menu Manager only displays the pages of the project structure that are called directly by the navigation. This provides for clear and easy-to-handle navigation creation and maintenance.

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