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Media Manager

Easily find, access, edit, share, reuse, distribute, and archive your rich media content. Spotter offers media management for your Web site needs. the built-in media management solution offers a single point of management for all digital media files.

Store all of your corporate images in a central and secure location. Spotter includes Media Manager, a Web content management tool, to store all of the photos and graphic files from your Web site in one place.

Enhance Collaboration to Enable Dynamic Online Content Delivery

Share common marketing assets with different departments, divisions, and creative agencies in support of your online presence. Promote your brand and deliver targeted content across all Web initiatives.

Enable Marketing Assets to Come to Life

Successful organizations like yours leverage the Web to target key audiences. The combination of Spotter and Artesia DAM enables you to deliver a targeted message to fragmented audiences without compromising brand integrity of quality.

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