Spotter Advantages

as you may know, Joomla is an open source free script that developed by a group of volunteers, they developed the system under GPL License, and like other Free software, they have no obligation or contracts to provide SLAs or guarantees of any kind, which is make companies in a weak position in case of maintenance or upgrade even in disasters recovery.
Unlike Joomla, Spotter acting like the commercial Version with extensive Support team and talented developers whom are there for you when you need them, from regular updates and scheduled maintenances to installation and integrations issues up to last resort disaster recovery.

One of the major strength points of Spotter CMS is that it has the Power and Extensibility of Joomla Core and the Simplicity and Stability of Spotter enhanced Back & Front End. Spotter also compatible with all Component, modules, Plugins, and Templates made for Joomla* which gives you more freedom to choose from over 2000 Addons available so far.

* only components,modules ,plugins ,and templates made for joomla 1.5.X are compatible .


SLA Service Level Agreement

Service Level AgreementService Level agreement is the contract between Spotter CMS and their clients that preserve their rights of having a standard and reliable level of quality of services from Support and upgrades to bug fixing when accrues

Our Service Level Agreement is very clear and very specific in terms of service boundaries and commitments, once you make a decision to join our clients club we will send you an electronic copy via email provided.